Pest Control Services in Ozark, MO

Since 1998, Fleetwood Pest Control in Ozark, MO has been serving customers across the state with professional and trustworthy pest control services. We specialize in treating infestations of general pests, all wood boring insects, termites, fleas, bed bugs, carpenter ants, bees, ticks, mosquitos and more. We also provide rodent control and removal services to help you get rid of these unwanted pests in your home or business.

Identifying & Controlling Termites

Termites live in colonies, and when a colony settles in your home, they can become quite destructive and cause a lot of property damage. Most termites feed on wood, books, boxes, furniture and drywall coverings. Because termites hang out hidden from view, an infestation often goes undiscovered until serious damage is already done. Signs of an infestation will vary by type of termite, so it is best to have our professional pest control inspectors provide termite detection and continued treatment to protect your property, preventing the likelihood of costly repairs. We can also install a termite bait system around your home.

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Our small family business takes great pride in helping our customers. Our staff participates in ongoing training sessions to better service your needs. We are dedicated to ensuring you feel safe and comfortable by expertly removing all types of pests, insects, and rodents from your property.

If you have a termite infestation, contact Fleetwood Pest Control at 417.581.1703 for proper identification and removal. We provide customized solutions for protecting your home and property from damage and future costly repairs.